Campaign Capacity Analysis

It is important for your organization to determine its potential for fundraising before starting a campaign. Ferrari Philanthropic Consultants (FPC) can help you do that with a Campaign Assessment Analysis that quantifies your institution's fundraising potential. We suggest appropriate range alternatives for prospective campaign goals, and how many prospects that are needed at each gift level, and then a plan for reaching the desired success.

FPC will review your institution's donor database and assist with wealth screening analysis to examine each prospect's financial capacity and inclination to give to your institution. The data is summarized and analyzed to determine whether or not you have the prospects, staff, and volunteers to achieve your campaign objectives.

Mid and Post Campaign Results

Managing campaign results at the mid point of the campaign allows adjustments to be made in the plan to ensure a positive outcome. Ferrari Philanthropic Consultants provides both oversight of the campaign as well as analysis on the mid-campaign data for optimum results. This approach ensures that the institution remains on course with the plan or identifies areas where adjustments are needed based on results achieved. A post campaign review is helpful in that it offers analysis on the effectiveness of the plan based on results and whether or not the strategy provided the maximum result desired.

Annual Giving Capacity Analysis

FPC will analyze your institution’s Annual Giving objectives and results in a way similar to the Campaign Capacity Analysis so that it is adjusted to reflect the annual giving potential of your prospective donors at all levels. By analyzing your institution's annual fund history and by reviewing the current giving potential of your constituents (typically by reviewing wealth screening ratings or by building custom predictive models), Ferrari Philanthropic Consultants projects annual giving results in a more meaningful way by comparing what they are likely to be if your institution continues its current strategic approach versus the potential if your institution changes course to improve its effectiveness. Recommended changes would include possible staffing adjustments, additional recommended training and resources required to improve your annual fund results.

Planned Giving Capacity Analysis

Most established organizations have substantial potential for Planned Giving prospects. To realize that potential, FPC will develop an innovative approach to get your program off the ground quickly and effectively. Our analysis reviews your institution’s planned giving history, consistent donors and examines potential for the future giving with a thorough review of prospects using various wealth screening tools and public information. By determining what your program can produce going forward with more effective strategies, the appropriate level of resources can be assigned to this effort. Within framework of a comprehensive campaign, our Planned Giving Analysis will suggest the role planned gifts may play and identify donor prospects that may be most likely inclined towards a blended gift.