Feasibility Studies

We can help you determine realistic campaign goals and assess campaign readiness.

Nonprofits considering a capital campaign for a specific purpose such as purchasing or remodeling a facility should consider conducting a Feasibility Study prior to beginning the campaign.

A Feasibility Study can help determine the probability of success for a proposed project through an in-depth sampling of donors who will provide feedback on the viability of goals being considered. In many cases, objections and concerns are uncovered providing valuable feedback to organizational leadership. The results serve to prepare organizational leadership and staff to be well organized prior to launching the campaign and be more effective in fundraising activities.

Feasibility Studies help to inform donors that a need is on the horizon and why plans are being proposed, and prepares to them to think about ways they can contribute. Ferrari Philanthropic Consultants works with donors and prospects to conduct a thorough and effective Feasibility Study that will benefit your nonprofit and maximize your efforts.


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